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About Us

If you are looking for high-quality graphics printing services in Houston you are in the right place. Houston Graphic Printing is your trusted partner in design and print in this part of the US. We are a professional team dedicated to helping you set up your brand image, increase your sales and make you and your business stand out in the maze of businesses competing for attention. All our designers are well trained and have immense experience in producing top-notch designs and prints to meet any of your needs. To achieve this feat we offer the following vital services.

Graphic design

We are keenly aware of the place that graphic design occupies in your overall business strategy. For instance, professionally made logo designs help to make compelling impressions in the minds of your potential clients. It is this first impression that draws their attention to your business.

That’s why our proficient designers use symbols, images, and even words to generate the much-needed visual communication that resonates well with your brand. The aesthetic expression of ideas and concepts is achieved using diverse graphic elements and tools.

So anytime you need graphics service in the printing of banners, T-shirts, posters business cards and others in Houston you know who to turn to.

Branding design

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment you need to make an impression instantly. Clients don’t have all the time to interpret and connect with your business. That is why a strong and compelling brand is essential. Yes, every marketing campaign you carry out will only gain traction and deliver results if it is noticeable quickly.

We are experts in branding design in Houston. Our brand designs catch the attention of your prospects and keep them interested even in the midst of the noise of competing messages. How do we achieve this? We ensure your brand design meets the following vital criteria:

  • The design communicates your brand effectively
  • It creates a consistent language that reinforces your specific offering to your audience.
  • It is not just an attractive aesthetic but one that is compelling and actually drives conversions.
  • Guides where the viewer’s eyes go first and evoke the right emotions through color and appropriate imagery
  • Uses font size, typography and emphasis to powerfully support the intended message.

With brand designing service by Houston Graphic Printing, your business will resonate very well with today’s design-savvy audiences. Never underestimate the value of a great brand design; if your design is not professional you stand the real risk of undermining the solid reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. Make a great design part of your business strategy by entrusting your work to Houston Graphic Printing and reap the benefits of great design from the professionals in Houston.

Print Service

We are quite aware of the crucial role that printing plays in your business. This is more so if you use printing services to market your business. What you need here is high-quality printing services in Houston.

Our attractive print products are always designed to grab the attention of the target audience. For instance, any of the cards we print make an excellent first impression on those who see them. On the same note, a quality printed flyer will help you to attract an ever-increasing number of customers.

With that sorted out let’s now focus on the actual products/services that you can benefit from any time you get in touch with Houston Graphic Printing.

i) Business Cards

Your business card introduces the bearer to new and potential customers. Yes, at Houston Graphic Printing we understand that this small card can be critical to the overall development of your business. These cards are important for making the all-important first impression.

Attractive and eye-catching business cards with all the relevant contact info can capture the attention of the recipient and help you remain in their memory after your initial meeting. Well designed business cards also enhance credibility as they create a sense of legitimacy and professionalism for your business.

Granted, you can swap info digitally but that approach has its demerits. For instance, it’s still unprofessional and largely informal. A business card helps escalate the rapport between you and the recipient. An eye-catching business card designed by our team can attract the attention of other people beyond the initial recipient.

ii) Brochures

Brochures still remain a very practical way for your business to speak to the world out there. The good thing about the brochure we print is that they are not just visually captivating but can also contain product-specific information.

Our expert designers make brochures that contain lots of information for their small size. Let’s help you share the benefits, images, features, business values, contact information and even the awesome story behind the success of your business with our meticulously designed brochures.

Our brochures are inexpensive and super-easy to distribute.

Having your brochure designed and printed by Houston Graphic Printing is the surest way of getting maximum but cost-effective exposure for your business.

iii) Flyers

With the growth of information technology, some people think that flyers are not as useful as they used to be. Nothing can be further from the truth than that assertion. As printing experts, we know exactly why flyers are still a darling to millions of potential customers out there.

For instance, evidence proves that people love tangible things and many people are inundated with online advertising on a daily basis. So stand out from the crowd of purely online-advertising and give your audience an attractive, high-quality flyer – it’s a break from the digital world.

A flyer is a low-cost marketing option. Why? You don’t have to overhaul your website or pay for advertising space or venture into some expensive offline media to have your message passed across. Our team of designers makes flyers that have an incredibly high return on investment.

iiv) Posters

Posters are another great way of spreading the info that you need your current and potential customers to get. Posters promise you 24/7 accessibility, it is available to reach the readers at all times. In the right location, your poster can stay up for days, weeks or even years depending on the intended timeliness of the message. This doesn’t imply you should let your poster stay in one place for too long. People will certainly get used to it and maybe deface it.

The quality of your poster is what determines how the target audience receives the information it carries. An attractive poster made using the right quality material is sure to attract attention and be durable long enough for the message to get to as many people as possible.

As the experts in poster making in Houston our posters are cheaper when compared to other modes of advertisement. Don’t let your posters let you down. Entrust that work to Houston Graphic Printing and let our skilled designers come up with posters that you’ll be proud of.

v) Retractable banners

Are you planning to have an expo, corporate event or trade show? If so retractable banners present an excellent opportunity to showcase your business deals, highlight its values and goals as well as share information with your target audience.

Our retractable custom banners come preassembled and with an accompanying stand. This allows you to easily set it up and draw the attention of your customers and business associates in no time. What’s better is that these banners are easy to disassemble store in their respective cases. Retractable banners Houston come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Why not order several of these banners for use across a wide spectrum of events?

vi) Regular Banners

The regular banner is a great way to attract people attention to some piece of information. Maybe you’ve scheduled a sales promo or you are offering special discounts and much more. In such a case, you need a sizeable attention-grabber and that’s where our custom made regular banners come in handy.

An excellent banner passes the message concisely and in a visually appealing manner. A dull regular banner will be a disservice to the business. That’s why you need your banners in Houston made by tried and tested experts.

Our regular banners are truly eye-catching photographic quality. It’s the quality that effectively captures the attention of the passerby and evokes their desire to read more or to try out what is promoted in the banner.

The quality of our banners goes beyond the content on the banner to the material characteristics of the banner. Once you order your banner from us be sure you’ll get a banner that is UV and water-resistant. Why is this important? This protects the banner from the adverse effects of the elements – basically rain and sunshine.

Our custom made regular banners are curl-resistant. If you’ve seen some banners that tend to curl inwards once they are hanged, you know how irritating this can be. It conceals part of the message and becomes irritating to look at. Avoid all these inconveniences by having you regular banners in Houston made by Houston Graphic Printing the true experts in banner design and printing.

Our Service Features


We customize the design for numerous requirements including character design and logo design.


We save you valuable time by first talking to you getting your exact specifications. It’s only then that we proceed to design and print saving you time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

For all your graphic design and printing requirements in Houston contact Houston Graphic Printing for high-quality and professional services. We provide a same-day quote for any request made before 12 pm.