Regular Banner Printing.

If you want to draw eyes to your business in the Houston area one stellar way is with regular banner printing. A banner can catch the eyes of passerby in ways a simple storefront sign does not. Banners are fantastic for promoting sales or deals as we as humans have been mentally trained by society to know a banner is, “Temporary,” and therefore may have something important to tell us in the short-term, such as letting people know about your upcoming Fall sale on clothing, or how your restaurant will soon start offering buy-one-get-one Mimosas with Brunch.

Our regular banner printing is competitively-priced and is sure to draw eyes thanks to our ability to take any design you provide us and really make it, “Pop,” for anyone who sees it when driving or walking by. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote today–the only thing you have to lose is all the potential business a fantastic banner will attract!

Custom Banner Design

Your banner needs to stand out. We know what you need and here at Houston Graphic Printing, we can give what you are looking for. One major service we can offer to you and your business is customer banner design. Under this service, you have the freedom to tell us what you want for the design, layout, and formats. We give you the privilege to explore your imagination. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your creative mind. With our custom banner design, the sky is the limit. You can mix and match, use a variety of colors, and tell us the objects you want to include in your banner.

With our custom banner design, you can be free and bold. You just have to let us know what’s on your mind so we can execute our own process to follow your request. We guarantee that we have enough tools and creative hands to make the design for you. No need to worry about whether we can process your customized request or not. We make sure everything is set out clearly before we begin the project. Note that we require our customers to give the preferred size. We are offering vinyl and fabric materials as well.

Popular Vinyl Material Banner

Apart from our custom banner design, you can also avail of our popular viny material banner to draw more eyes on your advertisement, promotion, or whatever message you want to express through your banner. This is a famous service we provide since we don’t want our clients to stick to the traditional banner printing. Under this service, we use vinyl materials to print the banner. We find this material perfect for those who are seeking a unique way to print their ads. If you want to have competitive advantages, this is ideal for you.

Vinyl is the most versatile material for us. This is why we choose to offer this service to our clients, to give them more versatility when it comes to printing. Our vinyl banners come in different sizes and you have the option to print your full-color design. This banner is easy to install, lightweight, and of high-quality. This is the best for clients who want to take their business to the next level. If you want the same thing, our partnership with you will surely give you the best-finished banner so you can display indoor and outdoor.

Banner Pricing




$5 per sqft


$7 per sqft

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